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Thandi Puren

True Voice | Voice Coach Accent and Dialect

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in life, is that nothing accelerates growth and development like expert training and mentoring. This was my inspiration when I first began coaching professional actors and voice artists.

My career in international film, TV and voice performance is a space where I am constantly reminded of where I still need to grow and develop.Through my work as a coach I have the privilege of helping performers discover their true voice and practicing embodiment. These are the skills, I believe, essential for success. I’ve always been passionate about raising the standards of the South African industry, which is why I’m so excited about this partnership with The Young Actors Studio. I am lucky to count Benita and Siobhan as longstanding friends and respected peers. I am in awe the work they are doing for the younger generation facing a world of opportunities. I am very excited about offering True Voice Accents and supporting their amazing young actors as a support coach.

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