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The Young Actors Studio cultivates confidence, elevates film and on-camera acting skills and provides a creative, motivating space for individuals (nine-years-old and beyond) to discover their inner magic. More than just providing workshops and courses that accelerate personal and professional development, we pride ourselves as being a stepping-stone in the success stories of our students.

We aim to educate and uplift by ensuring our students have the knowledge and skillset to get on any stage, including the stage of life, and hold their own.

So, what exactly do we do?

Coaching & Training

From once-off, individually focused coaching for that particularly tricky audition to in-depth courses for aspiring actors of all ages, our aim is to get you feeling confident and prepared for your moment in the limelight.

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We believe that by coaching and nurturing our young actors we help them find their own authenticity in front of the camera so they can “show up” for our local and international casting directors with pride and confidence.

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Happy kids, happy parents!

“Our daughter has had the best time and is so sad that its coming to an end... thank you ladies for this awesome opportunity and experience”

Nicky Tait

“This is so special. Thank you Benita and Siobhan for the special input you have into our daughter's life. Just love the life skills that are being taught!!! We are incredibly grateful”

Leigh Maher

“My daughter has just completed Reel 2 and loved every minute. Benita and Siobhan are extremely professional and dedicated to their craft and to nurturing these young aspiring stars”

Daniela Bonanno

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