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Siobhan Hodgson

Actor, director, coach & founder


The famous quote by  iconic director WC Fields: ‘Never work with animals and children’ has never applied to me.  My work with children as well as animals has enriched the way I see the world and I feel exceptionally lucky to be able to embrace the joy and challenge of helping young creatives blossom and share their truth.

I have a range of skillsets and I never really know how to describe myself other than to say I’m a Storyteller. At the age of 5 my Irish Grandfather taught me how to tell a good story and I have been telling stories, ever since and in diverse mediums. I started my career as an actor in theatre and then moved into film and tv. This transition was an interesting rite of passage, at first quite tricky and then later magical. It is now extremely rewarding to guide young, emerging actors in their journey towards becoming more comfortable, natural and dynamic on camera.

The Young Actors Studio was born in 2018. It all started with a conversation at a play at The Fugard Theatre with Benita Doria Rixton. Benita has not only become my rock but she is an exceptional coach, voice expert and a delightful actor and photographer who adds the perfect balance of nurture and fun to our studio experience.

I have always been a gypsy and explorer at heart. I’ve had the privilege to study my craft at UCT, The New York Film Academy and the Dark Room in Florence and work and travel in many pockets of the world. When I’m not coaching or in front of the camera, you will find me behind the camera directing or shooting a documentary project. Career adventures include working with John Cleese, 4 years of TV Sitcom, exploring the Amazon Jungle, filming a baby rhino called Lisa and receiving a Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award for a collaborative project investigating slave labour and human trafficking.

I am inspired everyday by the incredible team I work with and cherish the support and expertise shared by Daniela our Management Director and all our wonderful course and guest coaches.

I dream of creating innovative Youth content that will help our talented young guns thrive and grow in in the local and international industry.

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