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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops, Courses & Coaching FAQ:

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we do - Deferred Payment Options available as well as 2 or 3 equal payments are available.

  • 2 equal payments - Initial Deposit of 50% and 50% in the last week of the course.
  • 3 equal monthly payments. - Initial Payment prior to course commencement followed by 2 further equal payments. T&C’s apply.
It does seem a little pricey compared to other courses available?
  • The Young Actor’s Studio course represents huge value for money considering the post-workshop takeaways and the ratio of learners to facilitators. The total cost of the individual items is approximately R15,000 including all extras so our price is incredible value. These courses include the following:
  • Reel One Learners: A photoshoot (30-60 portfolio photos) with professional photographer normally valued at R2000-R3000
  • The demo reel is all the footage filmed with the learner during the courses. As part of our Reel 1 course, all of the footage is edited together - it is a great visual reference of the progression and development of the learner through the course.  This can also be used when approaching agents and casting directors. Industry standard price for a high quality showreel is anything between R5000 and R7000.
  • Independent acting coaches normally charge between R350 and R500 per hour. We offer 12 hours of coaching.
Does my child get “on camera” time during the course?

Yes, there are valuable on camera skills to give confidence to the learners in different scene scenarios. We feel confident that all our learners will walk away with a proficient knowledge of how to conduct themselves on camera and in an audition room.  Footage recorded of the learners is used in regular playback on the monitor, and forms part of the takeaway package, but, we believe it is their self-development and personal growth that is the greatest takeaway and reward.

What makes Young Actors Studio different from other institutions and courses available?

We limit the course to 4 learners per group which is much less than our competitors who often will have 10-15 learners with a single facilitator. Every group at The Young Actor’s Studio has two facilitators per class and often 3, when we bring in external professionals as guests, which means a ratio of 2 learners to1 facilitator. Each and every interaction is unique, tailored and specialised to address the learner’s needs though individual attention with the facilitators. The self development tools and the personal investment Siobhan and Benita make in each and every learner is invaluable for their confidence, self-awareness and social development.

Are the Young Actor’s Studio courses just about preparing for auditions?

No not at all, our dream is to give every child the opportunity to come on our workshops and learn life skills as well. We believe firmly in the benefit of this encouraging, affirming and uplifting work. Imagine being given the opportunity at this crucial, defining age to learn, explore and discover who you are. Knowing how you come across and seeing yourself on screen. Learning tools on how to improve the clarity in which to express yourself in day to day life, we believe, is truly valuable. Not only do the learners see an increase in their self-confidence but also an increase in the love that they have for themselves. Being able to stand up and express your thoughts and emotions clearly, with confidence, is key in all areas of life. We endeavour to create a safe space for children to explore, discover and develop a healthy method of managing/balancing their emotions.

Management FAQ:

What commission does YAS management earn?

We earn the standard 20% commission on commercial work and International Film and Television, 12.5% for Voice-over work.

Do I need to be a South African Citizen to join and work in the industry?

You need to be either a South African Citizen or your parents have a valid resident or working permit. You need a SARS TAX ID.

Can my child join more than one agency?

Our actors may not be represented by another agency in the same field, i.e. film, commercials, voice, theatre, etc. Actors may be represented by more than one agent only if the agents are not in the same region or in different categories (film-voice). The respective agents must be aware of this arrangement and there must be a written agreement between agencies.

Is previous experience required?

No formal experience required, versatility and a wide range of performance skills, such as singing, dancing, accents, rollerblading, cycling, skateboarding are useful. We require that all our actors complete a 6 weeks course at the Young Actors Studio.

Are castings always at the last minute and after school hours?

Yes, most castings are generally within 24/48 hours from the first request and they normally occur in the afternoons. It is very important that you and your parents have some flexibility with time and the ability to take you to cast on time. Most casting Studios are in the CBD or in Woodstock/Observatory area.

If my child is booked on a job can I go with them on set?

Yes, you can certainly accompany your child on set. A lot of Film & Television productions provide child minders so you will not be required to be on set for the entire duration of the shoot.

Do I need to provide snacks and drinks for my child during shoots?

We always recommend bringing your own snacks and water but all sets will have “catering “ for all the cast and crew.

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